Photo by Elden Cheung.

Photo by Elden Cheung.

"East rivals West" summarizes award-winning writer/director Jennifer Thym the best. Born in New York City, raised in the rural South, and hailing from Cantonese and Taiwanese heritage, Jen has spent her life reveling in, rebelling against & simply eating her way through the extremes of the cultures she finds herself in. After a six year stint in investment banking in Europe, she arrived in Hong Kong and finally achieved her childhood dream of being a film director.

Jen’s work is incredibly diverse in scope, with the sole common denominator being that every project she takes on is a bigger challenge than the last.  Her debut project, the ground-breaking fantasy web series "LUMINA", garnered an impressive eleven nominations and wins, including a Streamy Awards nomination and a Webby Awards Official Honoree distinction.  She next tried her hand at producing, bringing to life the independent feature film “Jasmine” starring Jason Tobin, Eugenia Yuan and Byron Mann. 

2011 brought her back to the web series format with the hit cross-cultural comedy series "Mister French Taste" starring Olivier Malet, Osric Chau and Sarah Lian.  The show is available in the US, Mexico and Italy, has won 7 awards, and has amassed over 1.5 million views.

Her most recent directorial project, the supernatural action short “Bloodtraffick” starring fast-rising Asian Australian actress Grace Huang and Kirt Kishita, has screened at 23 festivals and netted another eight awards and one nomination for the shelf, including Best Short, Best Actress & the Stiletto Award for Excellence in Directing, Cinematography and Original Screenplay.

Winning awards isn’t everything though.  If she had her way, she'd be directing a megablockbuster action film featuring giant robots.

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