Crowdsourcing a Film

Who makes a film while procrastinating from NaNoWriMo? I do.  First, it started as a simple late night parody of the quintessential Hamlet soliloquy "To Be, or Not to Be" by William Shakespeare, and then I had the brilliant idea that it would work great as a first experiment for crowdsourcing a film. So I dashed off a bunch of emails in the middle of the night asking if people wanted to record a few lines from the parody. Later that day I pondered the wisdom of trying something like this, where I had pretty much no control over the shots, but the ball was already rolling.

It came together surprisingly well. I had submissions from the US, Canada and Hong Kong, shot on anything from an iPhone to laptop webcams to a Polaroid attached to bike handles! Conversions (which were few, but still necessary) were done with CloudConvert and editing was done on iMovie. The whole thing took a little over a week, with most of the time actually just waiting for submissions to roll in. It was a great learning experience and something I want to try again on a bigger scale soon!

Big thanks to everyone who participated in the project:

Osric Chau
Celina Jade
Justin Smith
Haruka Ostley
Jaime Cham
Clemens Thym
Saffron Chan
Jason Chambers
Daniel Bird
Jennifer Thym
Raven Kai
Evian Oosthuizen
Scott Eriksson
Karen Lam