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Women run society. Marriage has been abolished. Defiant men have been driven off to the Lawless Zones.

Each of the Eight Great Houses is headed by a woman. Children are raised communally in their mother’s House, and upon turning 16, are eligible for a Reveal ceremony, where they plunge their arms into the Sacred Pool. When they pull them out, their arm is encrusted with the color of their father's House.

Maggie grew up confident and carefree in the House of Gold, which celebrates military strength above all. However, the House of Gold has fallen on hard times. Maggie and her best friend Katja make a pact to restore the House of Gold to its former glory. To their shock, Maggie is Revealed to belong to the fear-inspiring House of Silver (magic users) and Katja, the despicable House of Sapphire (thieves). The two friends are torn apart and must begin their lives anew.

Genre: YA, Fantasy

Status: Development

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Want to know what happened to the first colonists of Mars? So does everyone else.

Cecille's grandfather Ransom was stranded on Mars after a disaster destroyed Base Camp and halted construction on the award winning space architectural marvel, the Dome. When news of the catastrophic loss hit Earth, public outcry killed plans for future colonization and all rescue efforts were called off. The Mars survivors were on their own.

Twenty years later, Mars is back in fashion, and with a vengeance. A luxury colony ship is set to deliver a heady mix of spoiled socialites, reality TV crew, power hungry entrepreneurs and, to Cecille's curiosity and chagrin, a batch of fresh faced teenagers to the Dome. Meet Generation M. They are sixteen, rich and fearless. And they are here to take over the planet.

Genre: Science Fiction, YA

Status: Development

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It’s 2048. Food insecurity is something Casey and her brother Danny know on a first name basis. The power will be shut off for days, lunch will be a pack of expired chips scavenged from the dumpster behind a convenience store. Her mother is at wits end - temp job after temp job after temp job - but there’s just not enough money to feed her family. One day, Casey comes home to a mother who is listless and vacant eyed - but the difference is the fridge is stocked with fresh food and the electricity stays on. In the recycle bin is a brochure from tech-giant OMNICORE, offering to buy your dreams (REM sleep) for quick money. Casey and her brother Danny must journey deep into the heart of a corporate beast to bring their mother home.

Genre: Science Fiction, YA

Status: Development